About Our Cremation Services

Equine Cremation Services is a private family business and approved crematorium. We pride ourselves in the fact that we offer a completely individual cremation of your horse. We ensure, from the time your horse is collected from the stables, vets practice or farm by our  Kent horse transport company, to the time they are returned to you in a casket or for scattering, your horse is treated with the utmost respect, individuality, and care that we know it deserves.

We hope to make this sad and difficult time just a little bit easier by offering horse owners the opportunity of being able to bring their much-missed friend home.

equine cremation casket

Your horse or pony can be collected by one of our own vehicles within 24 hours or if preferred, you can use your own horsebox transport company.  The cremation will be carried out individually in our new cremator. The cremator has been specially designed and built to cremate one horse at a time.

Individual cremation and return of ashes will take between two and three weeks, allowing us time to cremate your horse with the proper respect and care and allowing you some time to get over the initial sadness.

We offer two ways in which your horse’s ashes can be returned to you or collected from us:
a) in caskets of either solid mahogany or solid oak made to order for your horse complete with name plaque, or b) loose ready for scattering.

The shoes of your horse or pony will be hand-cleaned and polished individually and will be returned with your horse’s ashes.